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Yaara O Yaara
Yaar Di Gali
New Live Show
Live Concert 2015:Ae Khuda
Teriyan Tu Jaane
Nakodar Mela-Live
Kulli Rah Vich
Aaja Sayian Bahn Farh Lai
Bhul Javeen Na
Ali Ali
Title Song-Allah Hoo
Coke Studio
AaJa Ve AaJa Mahi
Lakeer Likh De
Sabak Ishq Da
Mera Yaar Hi Khuda
Chann Kithey Gujari
Rabb Vekhiya
Tera Rabb
Live Concert-Khanna
Jinde Meriye
Dera Murad Shah-Live 1
Dera Murad Shah-Live 2
Tattrhi De Vihreh
Lambi Judai
Lagan Lagi
New Live Concert 2015:Jugni Kehndi Aa
Mooh aayi Baat
Kulli Ni Faqeer Di
Chitthiye Ni
Lagan Lagi
Saade Vihrey
Sajjre Sur

Sufism is one of the personifications of religious harmony and tolerance that has long existed in the Indian subcontinent. Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and Christians have offered obeisance at Dargahs and have worshipped side by side at Sufi shrines for centuries. The lyrics are always in praise of the almighty – the frequent use of name of God is only indicative that these are devotional musical compositions, rather than the domain of any one community or religious identity.
Jyoti Nooran is amazing. What a singing voice she is blessed with. How lovely she appears when she sings. There is her great grandmother Nooran in her genes.Jyoti has two things which none of her contemporaries has - the clarity of diction and the way she imbues it with such self-assured yet gentle sense of timing. The tonal quality of Jyoti Nooran reminds one of the quintessential Mirasi voice that only Doaba can produce.Es nu kehnde ne "buland" awaaz- so refreshing, as it is so uncommon these days!
The Nooran Sisters – Jyoti and Sultana individually of ‘Tung Tung’ fame come from a family of musicians. The girls have been trained in the field of traditional “SUFI MUSIC” for the past of 10 years by their father Ustad Gulsan Kumar Son of famous Late UstadSohan Lal, he is also a grandson of late bibi nooran a renowned punjabi sufi singer of her time in the 70’s. He Trained them in Sufi music and they desided to sing only Sufi songs. In the field of indian traditional music mostly it is passed on from one generation to the next thats how they acquired the skills of present singing. That is why the girls are billed as “NOORAN SISTERS”. On CokeStudio@MTV they take over the stage with their strong,impactful voice and charismatic personalities as they perform the traditional sufi song, Allah Hu. Over the years they have won many awards. Slowely but surely they are making a mark of their own over the very short span of time. In 2010 the girls were discovered by the famous international music promoter Iqbal Mahal from Canada at an early age and was amaged of hear them sing and ever since he has been trying to suitably promote them.

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Ni Jindey Meriye
Main Ranjhey Vichon Rabb Vekheya
Chann Kithan Gujari Aayi Raat Ve
Mera Yaar Hi Khuda Hai
Aye Khuda Teri Duniyan
Allah Hoo Da Awaza Aavey
Live Best Singer Mirchi Musix Awards 2015
Main Jogan Ho Gayi Aan
Sadey Lekhan Vich Apni Lakeer Likh De
Live Sufi Singing
Sayiyo Ni Sadey Vihrhey
Live Pind Kaliya
Tera Rabb Tohn Vi Vaddh Ke Deedar Sohneya
Aa peya Tera Charkha
Latest Song Jindrhiye
Gallan Te Gallan
Live In Pakistan
Lambi Judai
Tatrhi De Vihrhe
Aaja Sayiyan Bah Farh Lai
Coke Studio Live
Lagan Lagi
Mooh Aayi Baat Na Rehndi Ae
Chitthiye Ni Dard Firaq Waliye