Sufiana and Folk Music

Akram Rahi
Akram Rahi-2
Alam Lohar-1
Alam Lohar-2
Alam Lohar-3
Ali Munawar
Amandeep Ghuman
Amar Singh Shonki
Aniqa Bano
Arif Lohar
Asa Singh Mastana-1
Asa Singh Mastana-2
Asa Singh Mastana-3
Ashiq Hussain Jat
Ashiq Hussain Jat-Dhol Sami
Ashiq Hussain Jat-Sohni Mahinwal
Ashiq Hussain Jat, Charkha
Asif Shahzada
Attaullah Niazi-1
Attaullah Niazi-2
Attaullah Niazi-3
Aziz Mian Qawwal
Aziz Mian Qawwal-2
Azra Jahan
Barkat Sidhu
Behranwale, Ahmad Hassanl
Chandi, Wlipuria Ram
Deen Muhammad Jallandhri
Deep Amrit
Dulla Bhatti-Siddique Sharif Ragi
Fateh Ali, Mubarak Ali, Salmat Ali
Ghulam Ali-1
Ghulam Ali-2
Ghulam Rasool
Gullu, Hussain Baksh
Gurmeet Bawa
Hadiqa Kayani
Hamid Ali Bela
Nasim Begum-1
Nasim Begum-2
Nazir Begum
Niazi Brothers
Pervaiz Akhter-1
Pervaiz Akhter-2
Pervez Mehdi-1
Pervaiz Mehdi -2
Pathaney Khan
Rabbi Shergul
Rafaqat Ali Khan
Rahat Fateh Ali-1
Rahat Fateh Ali-2
Raj Nijjar
Runa Laila
Sabar Koti
Sabar Koti 2
Sain Akhter
Sain Zahoor
Sajid Multani
Shafqat Amanat Ali
Shahida Parveen
Shamshad Begum
Kalam Shah Hussain-1
Shah Hussain-2
Bulleh Shah-1
Bulleh Shah-2
Sultan Bahu
Mian Muhammad
Khawaja Ghulam Farid
Mian Muhammad
Baba Farid
Sufi Kalam-Mixed
Shaukat Ali-1
Shaukat Ali-2
Sheharyar Mian
Sher Miandad
Shujaat Dhaddi
Suraya Khanam-1
Surraya Khanam-2
Suraya Multanikar-1
Suraya Multanikar-2
Surinder Kaur/Parkash Kaur-1
Surrinder Kaur/Parkash Kaur-2
Taj Multani
Talib Hussain Dard
Tariq Amin
Tina Sani
Tufail Niazi-1
Tufail Niazi-2
Wadali Brothers-1
Wadali Brothers-2
Wadali Brothers-3
Wadali Brothers-4
Wadali Bothers-5
Yamla Jatt-1
Yamla Jat-2
Yamla Jat 3
Zahida Perveen
Zubaida Khanam
Hamid Ali Khan
Inaayat Hussain Bhatti-1
Inayat Hussain Bhatti-2
Inayat Ali
Inayat Kotia
Jagat Singh Jagga
Jagjit Singh
Jagmohan Kaur-1
Jagmohan Kaur-2
Jasbir Jassi
Juman Khan
Kamal Heer-1
Kamal Heer-2
Kamal Heer-3
Khalil Haider
Kuldeep Manak-1
Kuldeep Manak-2
Latif Bhitai, Poetry
Madan Gopal
Malka Pukhraj/Tahira Syed
Mansoor Malangi-1
Mansoor Malangi-2
Mansoor Malangi-3
Maratab Ali-1
Maratab Ali-2
Masood Rana
Master Salim
Mehdi Hassan
Muhammad Rafi-1
Muhammad Rafi-2
Munawwar Sultana
Munir H. Wazirabadi
Mussarat Nazir
Narinder Biba-1
Narinder Biba-2
Narinder Biba-3

Sufi music is the devotional music of the Sufis, inspired by the works of Sufi poets, like Rumi, Hafiz, Bulleh Shah and Khwaja Ghulam Farid. Qawwali is the most well known form of Sufi music and is mostly common in parts of Pakistan and India. However, music is also central to the Sema ceremony of the whirling dervishes, which is set to a form of music called Ayin, a vocal and instrumental piece featuring Turkish classical instruments such as the ney (a reed flute). The West African gnawa is another form, and Sufis from Indonesia to Afghanistan to Morocco have made music central to their practises. Some of the Sufi orders have taken an approach more akin to puritan forms of Islam, declaring music to be unhelpful to the Sufi way. Sufi love songs are often performed as ghazals and Kafi, a solo genre accompanied by percussion and harmonium, using a repertoire of songs by Sufi poets.